Experience the advantage of working closely with distinguished professors at the Penn State Smeal College of Business while pursuing an Executive DBA. The program offers the opportunity to learn from renowned experts who excel in both research and practical knowledge. These professors are highly accomplished, with impressive credentials such as being prolific researchers, editors of leading journals, consultants to top companies, keynote speakers, and award winners. Ranked among the top 10 public universities for research in business journals, the faculty members bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the program. Meet the faculty, including Jeanette K. Miller, Raghu Garud, Stephen E. Humphrey, Stefan Lewellen, Kevin Linderman, Margaret Luciano, Rick Mergenthaler, Tim Simin, Stefan Wuyts, and Hui Zhao, who will guide and mentor you on your Executive DBA journey at Penn State Smeal.

One of the advantages of pursuing an Executive DBA at the Penn State Smeal College of Business is the opportunity to work closely with distinguished professors who couple world-renowned research expertise with practical knowledge and experience.

They are prolific researchers, editors of leading journals, consultants to top companies, keynote speakers at conferences around the world, and frequent honorees and award winners. Our faculty consistently ranks in the top 10 among public universities for research published in business journals. Click on their names below to learn more about each faculty member. 


Portrait of Jeanette K. Miller.

Jeanette K. Miller, DBA
Penn State Smeal Executive DBA Faculty Director

Jeanette K. Miller is the faculty director of the Smeal Executive DBA. She also acts as the the Associate Director of the Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship and is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Management and Organization at Smeal. Dr. Miller earned her DBA from Georgia State University and her M.A. in International Business (International Relations) from Webster University. Her research expertise includes new venture creation, social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance. Dr. Miller is also a current member of the Executive DBA Council Board.

Portrait of Raghu Garud.

Raghu Garud, Ph.D
Program Faculty

Raghu Garud is the Michael J. Farrell Chair and Professor of Management and Organization at Smeal. His research explores the emergence of novelty and its adoption. Specifically, he is interested in understanding how new ideas emerge, are valued, and become institutionalized. He has written extensively on these topics, offering concepts such as path creation, economies of substitution, technology entrepreneurship, bricolage and the socio-cognitive bases for technology emergence. His work was recognized by the Technology and Innovation Management Division of the Academy of Management as its distinguished scholar for 2020.


Portrait of Stephen E. Humphrey.

Stephen Humphrey, Ph.D.
Program Faculty

Stephen E. Humphrey is a Professor of Management at Smeal. He received his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management (with a minor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology) from Michigan State University and his B.S. in Psychology from James Madison University. Dr. Humphrey's research focuses on the structure of work, with a primary focus on teamwork and the drivers of team success. Dr. Humphrey's research has been published in outlets such as the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Personality, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Portrait of Stefan Lewellen.

Stefan Lewellen, Ph.D.
Program Faculty

Stefan Lewellen is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Smeal. He received his Ph.D. in Financial Economics and his MBA in Finance from Yale University. His research interests include corporate finance and financial intermediation. Dr. Lewellen has published research in the American Economic Review, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Management Accounting Research and National Bureau of Economic Research.


Portrait of Kevin Linderman.

Kevin Linderman, Ph.D.
Program Faculty

Kevin Linderman is the Department Chair and Professor of Supply Chain Management at Smeal. He received his Ph.D. in Operations Research/Operations Management and his M.S. in Management Science from Case Western Reserve University; and he received his M.S. in Mathematics from Miami University. His research encompasses topics in process improvement, environmental management, innovation, and supply chain risk. Dr. Linderman has published research in Management Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations, Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, and Decision Science Journal to name a few.

Portrait of Margaret Luciano.

Margaret Luciano, Ph.D.
Program Faculty

Margaret Luciano is an Associate Professor of Management & Organization at Smeal and a BNY Faculty Fellow. She received her Ph.D. in Management from the University of Connecticut and her MBA and B.A. in Psychology from Clark University. Her research interests include team dynamic, multiteam systems, leadership and healthcare. Dr. Luciano has published research in the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, and Academy of Management Review.


Portrait of Rick Mergenthaler.

Rick Mergenthaler, Ph.D.
Program Faculty

Rick Mergenthaler is an Associate Professor in Accounting at Smeal. He received his Ph.D. in Accounting from the University of Washington and his Masters of Accountancy and B.S. in Accounting from Brigham Young University. Dr. Mergenthaler has published research in The Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, and Journal of Accounting Research.

Portrait of J. Andrew Peterson.

J. Andrew Peterson, Ph.D.
Program Faculty

J. Andrew Petersen is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Smeal. He received his Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut and has a B.A. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His research interests include measuring and maximizing customer/donor lifetime value (CLV/DLV) and customer/donor equity, managing customer product return behavior, measuring the value of word of mouth, selling and sales management, and linking marketing metrics to financial performance. His research has been published in journals including Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, The Wall Street Journal, Journal of Retailing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and Journal of Service Research among others.


Portrait of Tim Simin.

Tim Simin, Ph.D.
Program Faculty

Tim Simin is a Professor of Finance and Smeal Research Fellow at Smeal. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance in 1992. Between 1992 and 1994 he worked in the Division of Monetary Affairs at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C. He earned a Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Washington. His research interests include empirical issues in asset pricing, robust econometric methods, and international finance. He has published research in the Journal of Economics and Business, the Journal of Financial Markets, the Journal of Finance, the Financial Analysts Journal, and the Journal of Investment Management.

Portrait of Stefan Wuyts.

Stefan Wuyts, Ph.D.
Program Faculty

Stefan Wuyts is a Professor of Marketing and the Director of the Institute for the Study of Business Markets at Smeal. He received his Ph.D. in Marketing from Erasmus University Rotterdam and his M.A. in Marketing from the University of Ghent. Dr. Wuyts’ research interests include marketing strategy and has published research in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Management, and International Journal of Research in Marketing.


Portrait of Hui Zhao.

Hui Zhao, Ph.D.
Program Faculty

Hui Zhao is a Professor of Supply Chain Management and the Charles and Lillian Binder Faculty Fellow at Smeal. She received her Ph.D. and M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and her M.S. in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering from Tianjin University. Her research applies analytics to the healthcare systems with particular interests in pharmaceutical supply chains, public policy, and innovative design of healthcare systems, such as telehealth. Dr. Zhao’s work has been published in top journals such as Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Productions and Operations Management, Journal of Medical Internet Research, and Operations Research.